Monday, October 31, 2011


SOPHIE PARIS PHILIPPINES is a fashion direct selling company catering French designed fashion products, with a global headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia.

They cater quality French-designed bags, wallets, garments, watches, accessories and cosmetics, also exclusive member privileges.

 One of their products that I truly loved is their collection of lipstick.

They have 10 shades of these lipstick, here are their names:
  • Red pepper
  • summer pink
  • caramel sugar
  • ice pink
  • cotton peach
  • velvet nude
  • red wine
  • fantastic red
  • mango peach
  • russian red
I really loved their collection of lipstick because of affordable price. it cost me 79 pesos each. Because I really adore them I have  5 shades of it,

from left to right, their corresponding names are, mango peach, red pepper, summer pink, red wine and ice pink. I will review about this product soon. But if you're planning to have this, you can check it out on here. I think you can order it online.

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