Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My bAby in hEr bAthing timE"

This is my Baby Louise Angela Jane. She is already in her 4 months when this picture was taken. She loves playing in water in fact, one of our bonding moments happens during her bathing time.

This another picture of her was taken in her early 7 mos. It is one of memorable moments for me because during our play time. She able to stand alone in her own. She cries after that because she was shocked out of the voices coming out around her. hahaha.. but after that, she tries again to stand and plays in water.

Monday, August 23, 2010

My dream cellphone!! ;)

  • The Nokia Philippines ties up with the Famous Manila Blogs family for the “NOKIA: MY LIFE” Promo.
  • And as (blogs for mommies) is part of the Manila Blogs Family, will give a Nokia 7230. Yes ! i typed it right it’s NOKIA 7230 . the photo is attached along with this message.
  • The Nokia 7230 fit my lifestyle very well because I am a full-time mom of an 8 mos. baby and a blogger at the same time. With the features of 3.2 mega-pixel camera I could take pictures of my baby in her developing stage in the upcoming months. Nokia 7230 also has a attractively framed, large and vivid 2.4" colour screen that could help me browse pictures of my baby to my friends and relatives. My baby also loves listening to music and with the The Nokia 7230 that has a MicroSD memory card that can stores up to 16 GB. My baby will surely enjoys listening to differrent kinds of music.